E3 Isn’t Needed

Sony Pulled Out Of E3

Sony has been holding its cards very close to their chest. Maybe that’s the company changing or they have something big up their sleeve. Regardless we have new information on the reason Sony pulled out of E3 2019. Shawn Layden, the CEO of Sony America, has come out and said that E3 hasn’t changed with the times. So I’ll break down what was said and what this means for the gaming industry moving forward.

E3 Is Old News

Layden talks about how the industry is shifting, E3 is a place for retailers and journalist. And information is more accessible to spread via the internet. Sony has found ways to talk straight to the people who support them. Places like PS Blog, Twitter, and even Youtube. We see Sony as a company that reacts not as one that adapts, but it seems Layden is showing how they are adapting. Layden also says that E3 still is trying to benefit the old way of doing things. “The world has changed, E3 hasn’t” this is what influencers and journalist have been saying forever.

I think the games industry is changing, the way we get information is changing. So E3 needs to change with it. The best examples of this shockingly Nintendo. The Nintendo Directs speak with the people they want to talk to, and they don’t have a time constant. Meaning they don’t have to wait for E3 to try to sell something. I think this is good for us as consumers and gamers as a whole. What do you think? Let me know below.

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