Anthem Beta Access.

Gain Access To The Anthem.

Gamers have been very interested in Anthem since it was first shown at E3. And Gamers have been waiting to get their hands on the mech shooter for a while. Well, you may be able to play Anthem very soon. Anthem with have two Beta periods, in the form of a “Closed Beta” and an “Open Beta”. I’m going to break down how to gain access to both and when the full game will be releasing.

Closed Beta.

Anthem will hold a closed beta for fans who Pre-order the game or have Origin access. In the past, Bioware has said the closed beta is pretty much a demo of the game and used for squashing bugs. So don’t expect any giant change from beta to full release. The beta will release on January 25 – January 29.

Open Beta.

This Beta is for the people who may want to try the game before launch. This beta is for the gamers who are unsure if they will like gameplay, story beats, Or systems. The Open Beta releases a bit after the launch of the game which is on February 22, 2019. if you want to jump in the beta you can get in on February 1 – February 3.

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