Anthem is Bricking Ps4s


Ea and BioWare have responded to the news that Anthem is bricking Ps4 consoles. They say that the game hasn’t caused a single brink and that in every crash report received the ps4 was able to boot back up. So claims of bricking ps4s may be false.



The overhyped game from Bioware has been doing a Fallout 76 as of late. Anthem is a mess, and today I’ll be explaining some of the reports we have been receiving, along with my experience on the issue. Hopefully, Bioware works fast and fix this issue. We all love to play games, and no one wants a bricks console.

My Experience

I’ve been playing anthem nonstop for over 50 hours, not because I love the game but because I knew this was going to happen. By the time I finished anthems campaign I had over 20 bugs most of which were what my group of friends calls “Blue Screens. “ Blue Screens happen when the game crashes you ps4, and you get the picture above. You may have seen it once or twice while playing your favorite game maybe it froze and then boom. Anthem in my experience has had more blue screens than I have ever had in any game I have ever played. I have had more disconnects, and blue screens since but stopped keeping track.

Bricking Ps4s

Reports have been coming in left and right, ps4 owners have been getting a bricked console from Anthem. For those who don’t know a bricked system means it won’t even turn on. Players have been linking the bricks to anthem even on Reddit users are rightfully complaining about this. The most prominent games journalist came out today and said he could confirm the claims and back them up. Anthem is going through a tough time I don’t even think Fallout 76 broke Ps4s. What do you think about all this? Are the claims false? What should be done about the people who have broken ps4 systems because of Anthem? Let me know below.

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