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The State Of Apex

The breakout success of Apex legends keeps steamrolling forward. Respawn has been on top of updates and content drops in its second week on launch. Today I will be trying to break down a lot of the rumors and tell you the facts.


People have been data searching into the code of Apex Legends and have found some interesting things. Let me give a disclaimer before going further, data mining is not always perfect and isn’t always correct although it makes for some interesting conversation and possibilities. People have dug into the code and found three game modes. The game modes data mined were a survival mode duos and solos. Solos and duos would be a great addition to Apex Legends especially since playing with randoms can be a bad experience. As for the survival mode hopefully, it can grab people. However, time will tell if any of these game modes were actually real or just tested in the games early life.

New Weapons

Now we can jump out of the realm of speculation and into one of fact. Respawn has announced a brand new weapon that will be in the game today. The new weapon can use two hop ups and will be an energy weapon. The Havoc is the first assault rifle that is in the energy column. I think it’s cool and will change up the flow of the game.


I think the Apex Legends had a great launch. However, will have a healthy life after launch? I believe Apex has shown us it can keep up with content. If those three game modes are real apex will have no problem staying fresh. However, what do you think? Let me know below.

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