Apex Legends player spent 500 on loot boxes cant believe what he did

An Apex Legends player named Cole, spent 500 on loot boxes in the hope of getting elusive items. The player now says that he doesn’t feel it was worth it.

The game has loot boxes in it, which players have the possibility of getting a Heirloom Set. However, Apex Legends has said that “there is a <1% probability of an Heirloom Set dropping.” It also says that a “a player cannot open more than 500 Apex Packs without receiving an Heirloom set ( assuming the player does not own all of the available Heirloom Sets)”.

Cole, felt that if he opened 500 boxes he’d definitely get the heirlooms he wanted. He told Kotaku over Reddit private messages, that it “wasn’t worth it.” He also describes he how he couldn’t believe he did what he did and is “shocked “at himself.

The guarantee of getting the set was what sent Cole on a spending spree. Cole said “Once I bought my first bundle my brain became wired in a way that I wasn’t going to stop until I got the heirlooms.” He also said “The feeling of going box to box wasn’t even enjoyable… As I opened more and more crates, I would move on to the next crate and skip over the new items I got entirely if I knew it wasn’t the heirlooms. Not even unboxing the rare legendary items excited me.”

He knew people would call him “irresponsible” or an “idiot”, but he took to Reddit to “maybe help prevent someone from doing the same thing I did.” Cole also isn’t sure that loot boxes are immoral, but after his experience he see more the problems of loot boxes.

“Are they potentially anti-consumer and predatory? Maybe, Is gambling in general immortal? It’s a tough question.” He also said “Many people love to gamble and many do it responsibly. It can be a fun activity when done in moderation. Free to play games need to make money in some way and loot boxes offer that. On the other hand, many other free to play games thrive without the addition of controversial loot boxes,”

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