Black ops 4 Operation Grand Heist

Grand Hist

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has been in a dangerous place for quite a long time. Some Fans aren’t happy with the way updates to have been handled. Players have gone as far as to talk to David Vonderhaar himself. However, today that all changes with a new Operation titled Grand Hist. Today I will be telling you everything that is in the update at launch. Then I’m going to let you in on the plans of Call of Duty Black ops 4 Grand Hist.


At launch, this update packs a punch. With a complete rework on all weapons, new modes, two maps, and a brand new character. This update is massive for the multiplayer, getting the fan favorite game mode one in the chamber and league play along with new weapons and a new specialist outrider. Blackout will receive a prestige system and a new hot pursuit mode and new locations on the map. As far as zombies go players will get two sets of new weapons, specialist and regular you will also get Defcon 5 and a new perk along with an Elixir.

After Launch

Treyarch gives players a road map for content coming soon, Which seems to be a first for Call of Duty. However, the road map lists new modes for multiplayer. For blackout, a new event, modes, map updates and most importantly new equipment. Wile zombies future seems a bit odd allowing pausing for about online and split screen a new elixir and a gauntlet mode. Zombies seems a bit bare bones.


In closing the update is huge for every game mode but zombies. Hopefully, the update is not showing every zombie update coming. However, what do you think? Is the game going to get a new life? I believe the game isn’t going to get a new life, but I may give league play a try.

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