Dreams Early Access



The game Dreams has been trying to come out for what feels like ever. However, I think now they have a fantastic plan. The game a couple of months back had some new found energy a leak of people making some of the most amazing and exciting games. Those leaks are what got me excited about the possibilities of Dreams. Everything from Dead Space remakes to even some crazy PT remakes. I also thought about how this game alone can be the youtube of video games.

Early Access

Media Molecule has announced Creative Early Access for Dreams. Early access will come sometime in spring and isn’t the full game. Dreams Early access is more geared towards creatives who want to do some fantastic work with the tools they have offered. In the early access, only the tools and the sharable part of Dreams will be available. They would love to build Dreams with fans of the game. Early access can be purchased sometime in spring with the price point of USD 29.99 on the PlayStation Store.

My Thoughts

I think Early access is the best move the company has made in a while. Early access will get the game out there and allow some excitement for Dreams to build. However, I think that the content in the Full release needs to come with a lush campaign and some very different features from the early access. what do you think? Let me know below.

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