January Games With Gold!

Games With Gold!

Xbox and Playstation give away freebies every month. users who pay for their online service can enjoy a handpicked list of games. The games on Xbox are called games with gold. The list has been revealed and I will tell you what I think of each game and how much it would have cost.

Xbox One.


Celeste ($19.99)

Fun challenging platformer Celeste comes to games with gold. The game has won the hearts of many and dominated nominations in the award season. You play as a little girl tasks with climbing up a mountain. The game is hard but give you that satisfying feeling you got with super meat boy.

WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship ($49.99)

I am not a huge fan of racing games. so instead, I will only mention how the game runs. And from everything iv seen on the game, it seems to be very solid, not a whole lot of frame drops. Give it a shot if your a fan of racing games.

Never Alone ($14.99)

The art in this game looks crazy good. Never Alone is actually a side-scrolling platformer and tells a pretty ok story about a kid and his best friend a wolf. i personally only haven’t played it but now plan to.

Xbox 360.


Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light ($14.99)

This game isn’t like the most Lora Croft games, It’s a top-down puzzle shooter. Iv played it once or twice and the game really didn’t grab me and make me want to keep playing. Give it a shot maybe you fall in love with something I thought was mediocre.

Far Cry® 2 ($19.99)

Some will tell you this is when the Far Cry franchise actually got good. Far Cry 2, an open-world action adventure game set in Africa. The game for the first time feels jam-packed full of content. This may be one of the best games on the list. I recommend trying it.

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