New PlayStation Licensed Hard Drives

If you haven’t upgraded your base memory, you are overdue. Today Sony announced a licensed product that may help with that problem. The Seagate Game Drive, this is a two terabyte hard drive that is “optimized” for PlayStation 4. Many gamers need a place to store their 100 GB new games. The Game Drive is a plug and play product, meaning if you want to bring it to a friends house you can. Also, there is no setup process like the internal hard drives. It’s not all good. There are plenty of issues with this thing that comes from not being “in the know” or “uninformed.”

The issue with this product is merely the price for a USB hard drive. The price markup isn’t as bad as the Nintendo switch memory issue. The Seagate Game Drive will run you 89.99 USD, so what’s the problem? The issue is on Amazon right now a similar product from Seagate is 65.99 USD for two TB. Let’s say you want 4TB that will run you 89.99 USD. Do you see the issue? For the same product, you are paying a lot more when you can get a 4tb for that same price?

What do you guys think? Is this product worth it? Or will you go amazon and pick up more memory for the same amount of money?

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