Ps Plus Free Games.

A few months ago Sony let go of the vita and Ps3 free games from the ps plus service. Since then, Sony has put real hefty ps4 triple-A titles up for grabs. I think I have the answer to why the change in direction and sudden higher quality of games to the service. Today, I’ll be letting you know what you can get for free on the ps store along with my thoughts on the games. Then I’ll give my reasoning for higher quality games getting free releases. Afterward, I’ll grab your thoughts in ideas and see what you think.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remaster.

Call of duty has had its ups and down. Honestly, Call of Duty Modern Warfare was massive for the company. I played it and enjoyed every second of it. From the nostalgic campaign to the equally nostalgic multiplayer. The game can be some good fun. However, microtransactions can ruin even the finest of games. Loot boxes were added to play on your nostalgia, but the core of the game is excellent.

The Witness

The Witness is a stylish puzzle game that was huge. I played this game when it first launched for a while. It was fun and exciting. I’m happy to see it on the list. I had a blast with the game, and if you like puzzle games, this is for you.


Since Sony gave vita and Ps3 the ax, it seems like more quality has been in the game drops every week. However, I have a theory about what is happening. I believe taking out the older platforms will allow them to focus on ps4 until ps5 comes out. I think in the meantime we will be getting high-end free triple-A games. I think Sony is geared up for the launch of ps5. However, what do you think? Am I way off? Or am I spot on?

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