Fallout 76 Road Map


Fallout 76 is a game of service. Besides patch notes, we haven’t had any content updates. Bethesda has told us that more is coming, and we finally got a roadmap on what that might be. Today I’ll be giving you information on everything Fallout 76 will have to offer in 2019. Then shortly after giving you my opinion on all of the content and if the game will suck me back in.

My Time With Fallout 76

My time with Fallout 76 left a lot to be desired. The game felt barren and not full of life like previous Fallout games. The bugs were running rampant, and most of the game consisted of disconnects. Although I did find enjoyment in grabbing loot and experiencing what that world had to offer, The game left me at level 50 something doing some nuke content and building armor. My time with the game came to a halt, and hopefully, the new updates will get me back in.

The Road Map

The Road map leaves me excited with three main content drops in the spring, summer, and fall. We have full information for the first drop in spring called “Wild Appalachia.” As for the second one “Nuclear Winter,” we know about three big things. The first being raids for two different vaults are coming in this drop along with a new game mode and creating a legendary player. The last content drop in the fall we only have a name “Wastladers.”

Wild Appalachia

The Wild Appalachia is the first update for Fallout 76. We not only know what’s in the update, but we have dates on when content comes out. the intro to the update along with more outfits on the 12th of March. We also got a new event on the 19th of March which is ok I guess. Then a new game mode called survival which is a PVP game mode on March 26th. In April we finally get player vendors, a camera and a new quest line. Then in May, we have another quest line and legendary vendors.


The game in the spring update honestly has enough to bring me back. Hopefully, all the bugs are plagued from the game or peoples second chance will be ruined. I am very excited about the new updates. What do you guys think? Is it too late for Fallout 76? Let me know in the comments below.

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