The Anthem Problem

Anthems Issues

Anthem reportedly has some big issues. I’m going to disclose that I have never played the game. This information is all coming from people I trust giving me feedback on what’s wrong with the game. Mind you this is not my opinion, but I think its very much newsworthy. Today I will be talking about Anthems and load times Lackluster end game. I’m going to open the conversation up so you can let me know what you think about all this.

Load Times

The load times of this game are the worst. Multiple creators have shared frustrations and all mention load screen issues. Times as long as 2 minutes for story missions and a bit longer for free play. At times the load screen will be longer than the mission time! However, PC players with SSDs will experience fewer issues with the load time while everyone else has a horrible experience.

Weak Endgame

The end game of a looter shooter is the main selling point. In Anthem, people are very upset about the end game. Players aren’t properly rewarded, and players don’t want to play with others due to a bug that only gives one person rewards. Players are just running around free play farming chest cause it is faster than playing the game.



The game is a mess and needs to be fixed Asap. It’s nearly impossible for me to see anthem having legs with such deep issues. What I talked about is only scratching the surface of the problems. Rubber banding that I experienced in the Vip demo was still present, and glitching enemies in free play ruin the experience. A day one patch that claims to fix a lot of these issues. However, what do you think? Is anthem dead on arrival? Alternatively, does it just need time to be fixed after launch? Let me know below in the comments.

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