Why The Epic Games Store Is A Joke

The Epic game store is a joke. I don’t believe that anyone in their right mind can really defend the store in it’s current state. It is a poorly made store, that lacks the basic necessities (like a shopping cart … no I’m not joking) that would allow it to be at a level where it would be able to compete with it’s competition (Steam, Origin, GOG e.c.t.).

The way Epic has seemingly thought to get around this problem (as well as promising to implement the features at a later date) is forcing it’s way into the market by getting exclusivity deals with several developers.

This of course has annoyed fans of that games that before now were going to be on steam. Metro: Exodus  was scheduled to be out on steam, even allowing pre-orders.

However the games publisher Deep Silver elected to switch to the Epic store leaving fans annoyed and disappointed. The Outer Worlds is another game that was previously coming to Steam, however after Epic came into the picture the Outer Worlds became a timed Epic store exclusive, with the game coming to Steam 12 months after it’s released on the Epic store.

This is a poor way to compete in the market as you are not actually getting sales based off of your service or the ease of use but instead buying the names of all the shiny new games that are coming out, and in the process annoying a lot of fans.

Now it is fair to say that if ease of use, a good service and great games were all that was needed to be the best service around then GOG would have claimed the title years ago.

However jump starting your own store with not even the bare minimum, buying out exclusivity of games that were previously on other stores and trying to sell this store a something that the industry has been waiting for is a concoction that leads to a maelstrom of gamer rage that is the equivalent to poking a bear with a still active beehive, at the end of a pointed stick.

It provides nothing to the consumer and everything to the developers, which is great for the developers, but what do the consumers get out of jumping on the Epic Games store ship? Apparently aside from those new shiny games we want, not much of anything.

As it stands now, the Epic store is nothing but a joke on the gaming community, proving that a company with enough money and not enough sense can get a slice of the pie and anger everyone along the way.

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