Fallout 4 Review

Fallout 4 Review


Fallout 4 is the fifth addition to the Fallout series and perhaps the most controversial to date. The Bethesda game shows a beautifully detailed landscape filled to the brim with hours upon hours of content to satisfy the needs of the wastelander side that lives in every gamer. This game is automatically a PS4 and Xbox One classic upon its release, and proved it on its high-expectations of its fans after months of hype prior to the release of Fallout 4, and is one of my all-time favorite games.


Fallout 4 proposes an indulging storyline, although follows the same ‘finding’ aspect that Fallout 3 had, as you attempt to find your son after he is kidnapped during the long-term cryogenic stasis. You endure a long journey, killing countless radiated monsters, meeting factions and characters that will aid you on your quest to discover your long lost son. On this mission, you will have to pick between three factions; The brotherhood (seen in the previous Fallout games), The Railroad and the Institute. For each faction there are different quests for you to endeavor, adding to the replay value of Fallout 4.

The Environment

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One thing that the Fallout Franchise promises, even from the early games, is the expansive and dynamic worlds they offer to us, and I have to say that Fallout 4 delivers on this and more. The environment that surrounds you is full of activities, enemies, and exploration. And if there’s none of that to do- it’s absolutely stunning to look at! I feel that this aspect of the Fallout games is easily the most important to Bethesda and to Fallout fans, and this is definitely the best-looking fallout game to date.
There is always something to complete or discover in the commonwealth, from Diamond City all the way to the Mire lurk-infested swamps. Another feature added to the Fallout series was the ongoing weather changes, it can go from a delightfully sunny day in the wasteland to a radiation storm that forces you to take cover from the radiation.
Probably one of the most interesting additions to the Fallout series was by the way you could now change the environment… by building your own settlements that you can call home. This is a controversial move from Bethesda to introduce this as some players didn’t want to spend hours building settlements, instead they wanted more of a storyline. Me personally, I thought that it was a great new element to bring in the Fallout world, it added a new aspect as you could leave your mark on the world, which couldn’t be done in previous Fallouts.


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While exploring the wonderful wasteland, you will encounter NPC’s that you can interact with and have somewhat realistic conversations with. The problem with the dialogue is that when you choose what to respond with it gives you very vague terms to choose from. This definitely affects the realism and the RPG feel to the game, if it weren’t for the mods to improve this area of Fallout 4, then this would look awful on Bethesda’s side. Speaking of Bethesda, it wouldn’t be a Bethesda game without the hilarious glitches and bugs, even though some affect the enjoyment of the game, the funniest moments were created from these brilliant bugs and I have nothing against them.
The Companions serve you as… well, companions! There are a total of 15 to discover, some are better than others, or you could opt for the ‘Lone Wanderer’ perk, which lets you carry more items and deal more damage!

Leveling Up

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The leveling up system is great as always, we have seen this in previous Fallout games, once you level up, points will be received to make you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
As I previously mentioned about the ‘Lone Wanderer’ perk there are many more to choose from the increase your characters stats, such as my personal favorite‘ Bloody Mess’, which I’m sure you can guess what that’s all about. If you find that a perk is very useful for your character, you can put more points into it, to get more out of it. For example, the first time you give point you can get a 15% increase in whatever it is, like damage for example. The second time you put points into it, it will increase to 25%, and so on. This gives the player many more countless hours to upgrade there perk chart to there own personal desire.

Combat and V.A.T.S

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A traditional part of the post-Bethesda Fallout games and possibly to most creative and innovative part of the newer Fallout additions. The V.A.T.S system is quite simply the best part of the combat and possibly the entire game. Unlike previous Fallout games, it doesn’t stop time, it now will control the game in slow motion, to make the essence of pressure still exist. As in previous Fallout games such as 3, using V.A.T.S was almost like pausing the game and thinking through your next move tactically, in 4, the enemies will still move towards you so your decision making will need to be present in combat.
Another great element about Fallout, in general, is the fact that you can replay the games as many times as you want all differently. In my first playthrough, I primarily used guns so kill the enemies, but you can play again using just baseball bats, power fists and a flaming katana, basically just anti-gun. There are plenty of playthroughs to complete, yet again adding to the replay value of Fallout 4.

The Enemies

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The enemies in Fallout 4 consists of what we have seen previously in other Fallout games, ghouls, Radroaches, and Deathclaws. But there’s a twist this time around, there can now be legendary enemies that drop legendary items. These enemies can be considerably harder to defeat, especially if it’s a Deathclaw, did I mention to always save your progress? The ghouls are surprisingly spine-chilling, they have a human-like figure but move with an extraordinary quickness that gives you a cold thrill of terror.

Is it the best Fallout Game to date?

Comparing Fallout games to Fallout games seems to be the only way to see if it’s worth playing, obviously, I am referring to the three-way match between New Vegas, Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. But with Fallout 4, it seems to me that it stands out the most from any other Fallout game, from the way it was built up and advertised to the way you can build your own settlements. This may seem like an understatement from the way you read it, but if you were told that you could build your own settlements by collecting materials from the commonwealth in 2010, being a fallout fan that is, you would freak out. I think that this game is slandered by its over-critical ‘fans’ and I think that this is a game we will remember for years to come.

Overall, I think that Fallout 4 is an excellent addition to the Fallout series and that God Howard (sorry I meant Todd) and the Bethesda team have created a classic that will still be played even after 3 years after it’s initial release.

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