Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Review

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege could be the best team based first person shooter ever made…Could.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical First person shooter with 5v5 timed matches. The Counter-Strike Global Offensive similarity is obvious. Defuse the bomb or save the hostage before the time runs outs or just kill the entire enemy team. However, this is where the similarity stops. The game boasts “30+ attacking or defensive operators” “each with differing play styles” making each game varied yet understandable when it comes to tactics.[/vc_column_text]

Game type

Rainbow six Siege has always grabbed my attention since its impressive E3 trailer in June of 2014. It’s realistic yet fast paced action makes it possibly the most intense games I have ever played. Its mixture turned the game into a ballet of chaos as walls and doors are capable of blowing up making both attackers and defenders reevaluate strategy as the round progresses.

In Rainbow Six Siege, you are set at a task with eliminating the opposing players or completing the objective. Most of the time you will be roaming around as a defender throughout corridors and rooms trying to seek out opposing players to stop them from reaching the objective or completing it overall. And playing as an attacker you will also be trying to find players but you are attacking an objective that can win the round instantly if executed correctly, so choose your play-style wisely. Weapons can also be switched out depending on the map, this is a strategic action to perform whenever desired.

Killing another player in Rainbow Six Siege is very satisfying especially when you get a headshot because one – the blood splatter is realistic and brutal to watch, and two – you are essentially eliminating them from the game in progress… that’s right, Rainbow Six Siege has no respawns! Not to worry though, the gameplay which is provided is strategy based, so out-smarting the opposing player will surely stop your infinite re-spawn from killing you in real life.


What makes this shooter so good?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has “30+” operators, and the numbers are growing each season. These are the operators who play a key part in how each match will unfold as an attacker and a defender. The strategy is the factor which needs to be considered almost all the time within Rainbow Six Siege.

An example of a situation would be an operator with a flashbang contraption on the front of his shield known as Blitz who can be used against a slow inaccurate enemy who is playing the supporting role, due to their slow speed they can’t flee as fast when blinded. But an attacker that makes almost no movement sound and has a pistol that can do up to 99 damage A.K.A Caveira can easily sneak up behind an enemy, especially an enemy with a loud sounding shield giving away their position for the defender (Caveira) to move in for the kill.

This type of first-person shooter provides a fairly realistic approach to combat (excluding operator gadgets and abilities) because it provides the player with real-life situations of real terrorist events in action. Although Team Rainbow is put up against each-other for training operations, it does seem to feel like the real thing which is done by the type of matches you play. There are three different game modes which vary from Bombs, Bio-hazard containers, and Hostages which all fit the criteria of terrorist acts. The attacking team represents the counter-terrorism squad, whereas the defenders act like the terrorists for a training operation to form this consistent type of gameplay that makes sense and just doesn’t seem to get old.

Responsive Gun Mechanics

The weapons in Rainbow Six Siege are designed around manual control and free-aim, every operator has assigned guns to assist their operation at hand. The weapons usually used are Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, LMGs, Marksman Rifles, and Pistols these weapons are assigned to operators who have specific types of the weapon class. Let’s take Vigil, for example, he carries a Sub-Machine Gun called K1A or he can use his Shotgun which is the BOSG.12.2. It all depends on the operator you choose who carries the desired gun you want to use.

The aiming within Rainbow Six Siege is quite different from your everyday first-person shooter. This is because there is no weapon sway, just pure accuracy that needs to fit around a comfortable sensitivity setting. Why do you ask? Well, the gun which you use can have much kick no matter the type, which causes a lot of recoil patterns that are different with every gun used.

Shaping up your aim sensitivity will allow you to get comfortable with eliminating players through your scope and in addition you can try to pace your shots at medium to long range when getting that quick aim on heads. But when reaching point blank range, let the gun run full-auto because it will allow massive amounts of bullets to tear the opposing player because of the range of acceptable hip fire.

Tweaking your general sensitivity will allow for quick reflexes when turning around in the desired direction. The recoil and how the weapon handles can also be modified with the use of attachments, you can equip barrel attachments, grips, and laser sights all of which will provide a different experience with how the gun operates.

Bizarre, but Handy Operator Gadgets/Abilities

The gadgets/abilities which each operator holds is essentially what divides the operators into unique characters. In an effort to explain, the defender operators carry gadgets as well as the attackers, but the defenders use their gadgets/abilities to defend. Whereas the attackers use their gadgets/abilities to attack. All of the gadgets/abilities used can somewhat counter other gadgets/abilities as well as help eliminate players.

Let’s take “Thatcher” for example, he uses EMP grenades to destroy defending gadgets that are electronic which could be a “Mute” Jammer (basically a device used to jam electronic equipment like enemy drones) which is also a counter gadget which can be used to jam communications with breaching charges that can blow through walls (anything that can be activated through a remote charge can be countered by a Mute jammer).

As said before these gadgets/abilities are designed to give meaning and strategy to each operator. Some of the gadget/abilities are actually crucial towards beating the opposing team because it is all about countering and in-depth thinking when utilizing an operator with a unique gameplay feature. These features are what make Rainbow Six Siege a good first-person shooter game as it provides originality towards the player and opens up many possibilities within each match of playing.

Brief Conclusion

Unique, original, and intense! The future of first-person video games are emerging, and it is starting with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

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