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Devil May Cry 5 is a game that could care less about what you think about it. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that plays to the strengths of Devil May Cry games before it. Gameplay is king here, pulling off sick combos look and feel better than ever before. The story is a bit jumbled, but by the end, it seems to pay off for long term fans. Today I will be going in depth and answering the question, is Devil May Cry 5 any good?


The story revolves around a group of demon hunters Nerio, V, and Dante. The three characters have taken up the task of killing a giant demon, and that’s where the adventure starts. Most of my strong opinions of the game rest here in this section. The constant dates and times being shoved in your face try to help, but God does the story do much jumping around. On many occasions I found myself getting lost in what was happening because of time or dates. Thankfully the red text most of the time will tell you “a week later” or “a month later” this does help lower the amount of confusion but not always.


The charters are the strong suit in the story. They are funny and sometimes even downright serious. In this game, everyone has a good dynamic between the group. In this section, I’m going to describe the characters and tell you why I think the characters are excellent.


V is a very mysterious person that we know nothing about. He has a very on edge feeling throughout the whole game, and he can be unpredictable. The best part about V is past and uncovering it all. I think the way he fights is exciting and fun at times. His hilarious talking bird feels like something ripped directly out of Aladin.


Nero is back but for some odd reason is missing his demon arm. He adds much diversity to the way he is played. Multiple attachable and detachable arms allow you. To do things like fly, grab, and a lot more. This change adds a new layer to the game that we have never seen before. He is not only fun to play but learning how to play maybe a tough challenge.


If you have played a Devil May Cry game you know Dante the legendary demon hunter. Dante adds some comedy in the game and is one of the most significant characters in gaming. He plays very clean and feels as powerful as he should be. Dante, in the beginning, seems to be in trouble and needs help that’s as far as I’m willing to go.


Lady is also back and better than ever. She is the girl with a huge rocket you see fighting in the older games. Lady adds a fascinating dynamic to the group, but you will see it eventually. She is a magnificent creature.


The best part about Trish is that she knows more about the demon world than a lot of people in the group. That dynamic allows her in this game to take a back seat, but like Lady can show her importance to the group.


Nico is a new charter that you are going to love. She is funny and snappy at the same time. Nico is also a shockingly good driver when it comes to going around the demon world with a giant RV. She pairs perfectly with the team and is a perfect fit for the cast.


Gameplay is king in Devil May Cry and DMC 5 is no different. Devil breakers make the game look and feel amazing. Changing together combos is satisfying and add a layer of complexity to the game. The complex combo system may not be for everyone, so there is an auto combo mode for newcomers. The gameplay is incredible, and I believe it is the backbone of the game.

The Upgrades

I would like to briefly touch on the upgrade system in Devil May Cry 5. With the red orbs you get through the world you can buy new skills or abilities. The skills in abilities allow you to pull off better combos and will even add things like a double jump. All of the skills in the game can be acquired in Nico’s shop or the customize tab between missions. I must add that yes, red orbs are used to buy the skills. Meaning you could essentially buy with real cash every skill in the game.


Combos can be purchased, and you get them with red orbs that you can pay for with real cash or earn through every kill or puzzle in the game. They look very sleek and clean and changing them together feels very good and satisfying. The combos aren’t easy to pull off and will take time to master. However, once you get this down in the void mode, you will see that practice will pay off.

Devil Breakers / Devil Triggers

Devil brakes are new to the DMC games and add a lot more layers to the gameplay. They have been created by Nico and are apart of whatever devil you have slane. They each have special abilities such as a rocket you can fly on attacking enemies through the air. Some characters like date and V don’t use devil breakers but use devil triggers. Devil Triggers are tracked by a purple bar by your health bar when you activate the devil trigger you to use your devil form for a brief amount of time — this brief moment allows you to be Faster and deal more damage.

Boss Fights

Boss fights and the highlight here, one of the best thing on having a next-gen DMC game. The battles are dynamic and blowing through walls and falling through floors happen in real time. The epic crazy-ness of each fight get you more and more excited to take down the boss with some sick combos.


The length of the game is another downside for me with Devil May Cry 5. I finished the game in 10 hours. If you are looking for the game to add a bit more play time I’m sorry it’s not here. Although, there is a reason to replay the game if you would like to squeeze every bit of content out of it. That includes a difficult platinum trophy, secret ending, and some challenging difficulty settings. Along with some pretty excellent secret rooms.


In closing, this game is the best the series has to offer. It’s a significant step forward for Capcom and the dev team working on the game. Hopefully, they take this in stride towards their next project. However, I wish the game was longer, and the story jumped around a bit less. I think besides those two things Devil May Cry 5 is one of the best games of this year.

  • Devil May Cry 5
    9Total Score

    This is the best Devil May Cry game to date. DMC5's flaws and few and far in between. Some length issues and story jumping don't overshadow all of the good this game has to offer. Things are looking bright at Capcom.

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