Spider-man (PS4) – Turf Wars DLC Review

Spider-man – Turf Wars DLC Review

The second chapter of the 3-part DLC to Spider-man has begun. Turf Wars is the newest Spider-man add-on where you are set out to help Yuri Watanabe (Captain of New York’s Police Department) to finish off Hammerhead (Maggia mob boss) once and for all. The DLC is very short and is a lot less exciting compared to the first part to the City That Never Sleeps DLC 1 “The Heist”. It may seem very harsh but this DLC honestly doesn’t deserve as much credit, I mean… why to design such an amazing game with much potential then see it go downhill with content that does not excite the user. I feel like Insomniac Games decided that their game was already a success, so they think that removing their motivation for this DLC which costs money is okay. It is really disappointing but nevertheless let’s get started.

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The Plot of Turf Wars (Spoiler alert for the first mission)

To put things into perspective, you will be swinging throughout New York carrying out chores for the New York Police Department to then get a distress call from Yuri Watanabe. You are tasked with helping her eliminate Hammerhead’s men reach the target himself who is held up in a building. Yuri Watanabe decided to enter the building with a few officers whilst you’re outside keeping hammerhead’s men at bay. You then soon find out Yuri seems to of got herself captured as well as few officers by Hammerhead. The camera pans to Yuri Watanabe witnessing Hammerhead killing her men in front of her which eventually causes her to snap and take out Hammerhead’s men in the room, leading to the tables to turn on Hammerhead who has a gun pointed to one of the Officer’s heads. You show up as a typical hero and try to apprehend the situation buy subduing guards, but sadly one of the officers that were last alive had got shot due to the power being cut with bullets flying everywhere.

From here on, Yuri Watanabe seeks revenge on Hammerhead regarding her lost officers. She is a completely changed person and becomes ruthless.

More Generic Enemy Types…

So as you can tell from the heading, this DLC literally only delivers the player one new enemy type who uses another enemy faction’s weaponry. This is outrageous to me, the Maggia using Sable weapons which they have somehow studied? The new enemy type carries a Sable energy type shield with a jet-pack. Their combat pattern is literally charging at you at very fast speeds in a matter of seconds. It causes difficulties in dodging because you have to do it almost every second which introduces frustration, repetitive gameplay, and limitation of combat freedom. Another point to mention about this rage infusing enemy is when you get hit by them they cause mass amounts of damage no matter the difficulty. I played on the Spectacular difficulty for a more realistic experience which I soon changed in the future… and I kept changing it until I got down to easy difficulty! It certainly ruined my experience in combat causing me to take advantage of web swinging and resorting to ranged attacks.

Other than that the enemy types are the same from “The Heist” which is fine, but at least make the enemies less annoying to players who prefer a chilled and smooth experience. Like the DLC “The Heist” the mini-gun brute is featured again. Now, if you put two and two together you have double trouble for even the most experienced players! Jet-packs, shields, and mini-guns don’t mix in with close quarters combat… take it from my experience.Image result for turf wars new enemy type

Screwball Returns?… C’mon!

Yes, the annoying mistress Screwball has returned to cover the city in her awful challenges and cheesy behavior. Screwball is that Super-villain who should quite literally be wiped from Spider-man (PS4) and I really mean it. The challenges created are very tedious and rushed, the newest challenge is her stealth oriented levels which are the worst so far. For a quick description of the content in these “Stealth Challenges,” I will start by talking about the motion sensors. The motion sensors included in these challenges are really pointless and messes with the player to an unfair extent. The sensors are essentially spot-lights that detect Spider-man in his tracts if you appear to cross their vision. If you do get spotted it is an instant fail so you have to restart, again and again, granted you can temporarily disable the sensors which also doesn’t alert any enemies somehow but this only lasts for around 3 seconds.

The “Photobomb” is still included which apparently doesn’t alert any enemies? The photo-bombs are basically the only way to get at least silver on the challenge completion so say goodbye to doing it your way. It’s unrealistic, unfun and unimaginably BORING! If there was no Screwball and they brought back Taskmaster then I would be satisfied with this type of side-content.

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Concluding my Experience

To sum up, the DLC of Turf Wars is like summing up a bad day. This DLC does hold it’s perks with characters and plot but it could have been polished a lot more for a better experience. My thoughts on this DLC before release were hopeful and interesting, but this does not live up to the expectation of a Spider-man (PS4). I hope the finale of The City That Never Sleeps part 3 – “Silver Lining” redeems this practice.


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