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Resident Evil 2 Remake is a game that runs around in the originals dead flesh. Regardless, the original Resident Evil 2 finally gets the love it deserves with Amazing remake. You play as Leon Scott Kennedy, a rookie police officer from Raccoon city. You can also play as Claire Redfield, the sister of a member of S.T.A.R.S. Chris Redfield. The game has never felt, looked, or played better. Some pretty clean reworks to the story and Map allow for some great moments, but we will get into all of that soon.


The story has had a few touch-ups since the original. The Remake like the original has A and B Alterations to the story. Resident Evil 2 has completely redone cutscenes, allowing for more emotional storytelling with stronger character arks. This works in Resident Evil 2’s favor, fans of old can quickly be won over with nostalgic characters in beautiful, touching scenes.


When playing as Leon Kennedy, the story revolves around you getting to the bottom of everything while meeting familiar friends along the way. I played through Leon’s story first, and it felt right. From the gas station to police headquarters. The tale gradually gets bigger and more grandiose while moving through the underground and getting to the labs. This story goes from zero to one hundred, and shockingly I like it.


Playing through Claire Redfield’s story is a bit different. The story starts with Claire looking for her brother Chris Redfield. I’m going to be talking about Claire’s B story when she meets up with Leon after she goes through the graveyard. You wind up meeting a little girl that ends up being your primary objective. The story turns from looking for your brother to protecting this little girl, who has some very emotional scenes and makes for some of the best stories sections in the whole game.

A/B scenario’s

So this is one of the most of the confusing things that a newcomer will have to encounter in this game. The confusion comes after finishing one of the two stories than being told you can play another B sicario. So I’m going to explain it to you. Whatever story you start with is concerted your A story and makes you go straight to the police station. Your B story will be the opposite perspective. For example in your first choice was Leon his viewpoint would be your A story. after you finish Leon’s story, your second playthrough as Claire is your B. hope this helps with confusion.


Games aren’t like this anymore, and gameplay is on the forefront then resident evil 2. The gameplay never takes a back seat to the story. With puzzles that can boost your inventory or add special modifications to weapons. The puzzles can even get you new weapons. Beyond the puzzles, you have the most fantastic inventory system. The game makes you carry only want you to need which could mean passing on something big later on. MR. X gives you a creepy feeling like someones following at all times. Gunplay can feel smooth like butter. Also, the deep options give you a better way to optimize your experience.


Resident Evil 2 has multiple difficulties, and I have tried them all everything from the hardest to the easiest. There are three different difficulties hardcore, standard, and assisted. Assisted is resident evil 2’s easiest mode. Enemies go down quicker, and you gain the power of aim assist, autosaves, and health regeneration. Standard is a bit difficult, but this mode is the way the game is recommended to be played. With no auto health registration, Limited autosave, and no aim assist allowing you to miss precious bullets. Hardcore is more like the original game we know and love. No autosave at all, and you can only save when you have an ink ribbon’s in your inventory. You take more damage and enemies take longer to kill. The mass amount of difficulty choices may allow anyone any number of skill ranges to play the game.


In my opinion, this is where Resident Evil 2 shines. The game makes you feel like everything you Carry in your inventory needs to have meaning. Whether it’s a puzzle, weapon, crafting items, or healing items. Things that feel important will need to be passed on, and that feeling brings the game to a new level. Bullets are in short supply and sometimes not in plain sight, so you are going to have to combine different types of gunpowder to create ammo. There are various recipes, for example, two regular gunpowders will give you handgun bullets. Wile a regular powder and a heavy power make shotgun ammo. Crafting items a bog down your inventory this means you need only to pick up what you will use.


The game has deep and satisfying puzzles some of the easy puzzles are used to progress the story while some of the more complex ones like Leon’s desk will reward you with some new weapons or weapon mods. The game has different types of puzzles like the portable safe or the large safes around the world. Small portable safes are a mini-game where you have to light everything up.

Wile the large safes have a code that you will have to figure whether it’s in notes around the world or hidden around the map.

The puzzles in Resident Evil 2 give the game a sort of flare. The puzzles add longevity to Resident Evil 2 if there is something you couldn’t figure out replay the game and look around.



The deep options Menu allows many things to optimize the game to the way you play. Everything from the field of view to the sensitivity of the camera. When I first played the game something felt a bit off, so I tweaked the setting to my liking I think it was a fantastic touch. Everyone can get the experience they are looking for just by tweaking some settings.


Since the game is relatively short, some extra modes add additional content for some longevity. In my opinion, the extras are ok and don’t add much to the game besides new costumes, challenges, and two hard ok time attack mode. They got 3d models and challenges but without anything genuinely groundbreaking. The extras felt like an afterthought and tacked on.


One of the Extra game modes you will get is called the 4th survivor. You play as Hunk AKA the grim reaper he is trapped in the sewer and needs to get to an extraction point with limited supplies. It’s fun for a while but falls flat since it’s so linear and doesn’t have much to do but kill hordes and hordes of zombies. The other game mode is a bit harder and you play as a block of tofu.


RESIDENT EVIL 2 “1-Shot Demo”_20190112003747

The game is fantastic, and I ran into zero bugs on my experience with zero issues in gameplay. Although the game is excellent, there are some issues with length and replayability. The extras leave something to be desired and the challenges seemed tacked on. This isn’t a huge issue it feels like there could have been more than 14 hours here but oh well. The story is incredible and makes sense with the franchise History. Resident Evil 2 finally feels clean and polished. But while playing on PlayStation 4 pro, the game has a weird effect were the enemies outlines are a bit blurred. However, other than that the game is stupid fun and I recommend it highly.

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    Dark and intense... with a chance of teeth!

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