Halo Wars 2 Review


The Halo universe is packed with surprises and futuristic madness. Could strategy be the next step for the Halo video game franchise? Ever since the first instalment of Halo Wars, there hasn’t been another game evolving around strategy… until now. Halo Wars 2 is the 13th video game instalment to the Halo franchise, packed with strategic purposes for manipulative gameplay!

Main Menu

My first impressions of Halo Wars 2 were slightly on the surprising side. I loaded up the game and was instantly presented with a classic Halo vibe, which is what we should all expect with every Halo video game at release. Due to the main menu looking like a classic Halo, I have to give credit for that. When you load up a Halo game, for example, “Halo 3” you are greeted with a home screen that looks very intriguing and detailed to the gamer. Whilst Halo Wars 2 does provide an exceptional soundtrack, I feel as if they didn’t give it their best when designing the interface 

The RTS Gameplay

RTS games to this date are evolving, with many implementations and unique content. Halo Wars 2 however only has a few components that are actually different from the first ‘Halo Wars’ and it’s not looking good. The new addition to Halo Wars 2 is “Blitz” which is a new game mode consisting of playable cards that can be used to spawn in troops, vehicles, and passive abilities.

The Blitz game mode is honestly a wound to Halo Wars and it’s reputation because it is essentially pay-to-win… Yes, you can buy micro-transactions which allow the player to buy Blitz card packs to be then played in-game.

This is not what Halo Wars should represent, in my eyes Halo Wars is about strategic play by balancing on both sides no matter the game mode. I myself and others probably agree that pay-to-win in Halo is a change we are not willing to accept.

The Campaign… 

Without a story within a Halo game, you are stuck with a disappointed community. Due to 343 taking over the franchise of Halo, it has come to be that they may be trying to turn things around in terms of gameplay and unique aspects within multiplayer as well as the campaign which revolves around the point Halo. 

Halo Wars 2 has actually got an interesting story with many intense segments. Like the last Halo Wars, this story has amazing cutscenes and it actually fits perfectly in lore. There are scenes that are truly outstanding and show the classic Halo colours as they should be. However, some points into the campaign can be quite bizarre with no backstory which you will notice further into the story.

Other than that this campaign has very good intentions towards for the true Halo fans. The Halo Wars 2 campaign delivers an experience that brings Halo to life with outstanding cutscenes but with exceptional gameplay. Unlike the last Halo wars, Halo Wars 2 seems to be a movie instead of a video game within the story. The gameplay is fine but at least add in some variety, I noticed that it is just non stop travelling with little to no action at all…

Graphical Implications…

Seeing as Halo Wars 2 was designed by 343i, I was kind of expecting this. The graphical features within Halo Wars 2 is honestly heartbreaking… you will notice that this game is literally a tribute to MEGA Blocks in terms of its rigid characters, vehicles, and buildings.

There is hardly a trace of smoothness added towards the content you witness on your screen and it truly hurts my eyes as a hardcore Halo fan. In conclusion, It is like Halo Wars 2 was created for children as it looks and feels like there is little to no violent scenes taking place within gameplay, Just explosions that act as a sensor for the brutal fighting. 

The cut scenes seem to destroy the graphics in the game to the point where it does not make sense. You will be playing the game in Campaign then all of a sudden you are presented with amazing graphical animations that basically tease the player. But you soon return to reality where everything looks very poorly rendered.


Every time there is a new release of a Halo title, you will always get a new wonderful Halo soundtrack. Halo Wars 2 has a soundtrack that definitely erupts Halo vibes which is great! The theme song is something different but it involves a soothing aspect that soon turns into an intense rhythm. The fans are always looking for the tiny details within theme songs, I am glad 343 Industries put some effort into the soundtrack.



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