Telltales The Walking Dead Season 1 Review

Telltales The Walking Dead Season 1 Review


Telltales The Walking Dead is an episodic adventure game based off of The Walking Dead comic series, where the main protagonist Lee, who you control, starts his journey as a convict in the back of a crashed police vehicle when the outbreak initially happened. Injured by the crash, Lee makes his way over to the closest house where he encounters a key character named Clementine. A young girl all alone hiding away in a treehouse, waiting to be rescued. Yours and Lees main aim of the game is to get Clementine back to her parents.

My Overview

Telltales The Walking Dead is an exceptional masterpiece and revolutionized how the gaming industry and episodic games work today. The Walking Dead offers a plethora of fascinating characters and storylines. Controlling and deciding over what Lee does and says is all down to the player, vital decisions have to be made in order for the game to progress. This was at the time a unique element to video games, and one of the many reasons why The Walking Dead is now a memorable and iconic game series. Relationships you build up with characters have to be sacrificed, your actions throughout the game will be remembered, this adds pressure immensely to the gameplay- and it makes you feel guilty at times!

The Story The Walking Dead Season 1

The story written based off of the comics is the some of the strongest writing and directing we’ve possibly ever seen. The Telltale team really put all there efforts and hearts into the creation of the story and thoroughly deserved to receive Game of The Year. The story is affected by your actions in the game, whether you kill or spare for example; this can change the opinion of a character on you. There are five episodes in season one- each unique and very enjoyable to play through. Episode 2 and 5 for me are the highlights of the season, but they are all outstanding no matter which one is someone’s favorite.

Character Memory

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As previously mentioned, you start off as a convict in a police car that suddenly crashes due to a walker on the road. From the now crashed vehicle you desperately find the nearest shelter which is a house, where you encounter Clementine. Clementine, being a fictional character in a video game, effects your decision-making greatly as you want to protect her as much as possible. If you choose to kill a person (such as at the end of Episode 2, you have a pitchfork to a guys chest) and Clementine sees it, a message at the top of the screen will appear saying, ‘Clementine will remember this’. This actually forces you to re-think your decision making throughout The Walking Dead and could affect your actions in the future.


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Telltales The Walking Dead is a point-and-click game and serves this very well. You see something or someone- you click on it to gain knowledge to move on to the next stage or to solve a problem. There isn’t much freedom in killing walkers, as the game literally holds you’re hand while killing walkers. You either bash a skull in with a wrench or on the rare occasion get to fire a gun. If you’re the type of person who loves to go guns blazing this game is probably not for you. The graphics are nothing special, but I think the dialogue equals it out fairly enough. Telltale does have their own style of graphics which is pretty cool I think, it’s like the style of a playable comic book.

Emotional Value

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This point-and-click game may seem like an average game from the graphics and lack of epic gun battles, but it exceeds most games and shows its superiority through how the game makes you feel emotional. The Walking Dead is all about dialogue and building relationships with others, I’d say that 85% of the game is just dialogue alone. So when you build up a personal connection to another character and favor them throughout the episodes, and then see them torn to shreds by walkers- it impacts you emotionally and that is why this game is simply brilliant.
Obviously, there are many moments where it is hard to watch for example; the very young boy as a walker in the basement, or the time you have to kill Kenny’s son Duck. But there is one moment that sticks out ahead of them all. The ending.

Episode 5 really comes with an emotional sucker-punch to the face when you choose to kill Lee or leave him to turn to a walker, and a quick fun fact: if you didn’t cry at the ending you have no soul. Joking aside this point of the game is so crucial, and from the perspective of a reviewer or game analyzer, it is brilliant. Why? Because after hours of protecting Clementine, teaching her how to shoot a gun, risking your life for hers and ultimately building a father-daughter type relationship you now have to kill Lee as Clementine.

Honestly, now this game is a few years old, the only game I can compare it to is The Last of Us. And that’s saying something.


Telltales The Walking Dead is a game to be played and played for years to come, it is a classic and also shows you don’t need ultra 4k HD graphics to make an outstanding game that everyone loves dearly. In my opinion, this is the best season of The Walking Dead game series and will be very hard to top.



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